Monday, June 2, 2008

How to choose a good Builder

So how can you protect yourself from these unscrupulous unsavory characters who do nothing doubted rip off members of the public? Here are some useful suggestions to consider before hiring a builder.

1. Always ask for references and details of previous jobs. Go see these jobs as far as possible. A good builder will be only too happy to show you proof of his expertise.
2. Beware if they offer cheap deals for cash in hand "jobs or suggest, you can avoid paying VAT for cash.
3. If they do not want to commit to a written contract, they should be avoided like the plague.
4. If they say they can immediately begin to be wary, as a good builder is usually busy.
5. If they give you a surprisingly low price you have to deal with suspicion.
6. If they seem reluctant to look at plans or to discuss in detail what should also trigger the alarm.
7. If they can not be reached by mobile phone and are reluctant to disclose where they live, then this should be seen as a red flag.
8. If they try to baffle complicated when you asked him for explanations seemingly simple questions May they be graduates of "If you can not confuse convince em em" school of builders and you know that May be in your interest to use them.
9. If they say they are a member of a professional association, be sure to check as everyone can say they are a member when in fact they are not.
10. Get at least three written estimates from various manufacturers and be very register.

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